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Skills & Interests

Do you enjoy working on challenging projects that test your technical knowledge? Are you interested in how products and machines come together? Then you should consider a career in the rewarding field of today's manufacturing.

Manufacturing and engineering continue to evolve as prominent industries filled with growth and opportunity, but how can you tell if it is the right industry for you? Below you will find some key skills & interests that may point towards a successful career in manufacturing:

Foreign Languages

Manufacturing has gone global, meaning the ability to communicate, build teams and execute assignments in multiple languages is a highly-coveted skill. Differentiate yourself in today's manufacturing job market by combining technical skills with fluency in industry-dominant languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

Technical Aptitude

The key to success in manufacturing today starts with a strong foundation of technical expertise and ability. Whether it's something you know today, or have an aptitude for learning later on down the road, technical expertise is critical. Today's manufacturing companies look for candidates who can work with spreadsheets, interpret CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings and navigate databases for reporting.


When you think of manufacturing, you don't typically think of creativity. However, it plays a large role in high-skill manufacturing positions. From the ability to problem-solve creatively to innovation with products, systems, and supply chains, creative thinking is a skill that's in high demand.

Information Technology

U.S. manufacturers have become high-tech enterprises. Technology has enabled greater productivity and cost efficiencies, making IT staff critical parts of successful manufacturing firms today. If you have a combination of manufacturing industry knowledge and IT skills, there should be plenty of job opportunities for you today and into the future.


The ability to build and motivate teams that are productive and deliver projects on time, on budget and with high quality is a tremendous asset today. If you have strong leadership skills, or have the aptitude to build them, you can become a management asset for many manufacturing companies.